Morgan Blair Bulen

Morgan Blair Bulen

The Hoffman Murphy team has made our purchasing experience a pleasurableone indeed! Daryn Smith did a fantastic job staying on top of themarketplace, trends and ‘Hot’ new listings.

Knowing how competitive the market is, we could not have made our purchasewithout the assistance of Daryn. She guided us each step of the way andacted with professionalism while always having our personal best interestat heart. Her understanding of the South Bay seller and market, ultimatelygave us the competitive positioning when making an offer. She ensured wedid not offer too high or too low and that we were represented withconfidence, class and decorum. We wanted a home not just a house! Myhusband and I also felt that Daryn was very well connected and respected inthe community, so our offer was considered clean and qualified and we werenot missing out on any pocket type listings.

We are so blessed to have found our dream home and having the subjectmatter experts on our side made a typically stressful process a joy!

Lastly, Jessica Burns, did a fantastic job of keeping us organized and ontrack with the paperwork/process side of things.

We are grateful for the HMT and happy to recommend them to our friends andfamily.

–Have a*´¨)¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·¨)(¸.·´ (¸.·´ * Wonderful day!