Valerie Brown

Valerie Brown

I want to thank you all for your unparalleled level of Service

I received your gift card, and wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness. Paul and I will be sure to offer a toast to the Hoffman Murphy Team with our wine at dinner.

I also want to thank you all for your unparalleled level of service. You are the house-selling pros, every step of the way. I can’t think of which step was the most important, because they were all important. Your marketing was an obvious standout, because without that, our open house could have been a dud. Instead we had more than 40 serious buyers viewing in one weekend, leading to 9 offers.

In the preparing-to-go-to-market phase, Jodi’s staging analysis was invaluable. Every change she suggested was perfect. How she looks at a room and immediately knows how to improve it is amazing. My advice to anyone who wants to show their home in the best possible way is “Trust Jodi.”

Jessica and Melissa were superstars of coordinating the vendors and keeping it all (including me) on track. I like a well-organized project, and that is what they provided! They referred and scheduled vendors, managed the calendar, listened with kindness to my concerns, and were great to work with no matter what was happening.

Susan and Danielle are obviously at the top of their profession. I am so grateful to have had these pros handling the details of the negotiations. Selling a home is not something the average person deals with more than a handful of times in their life. You want to have agents you trust to lean on. I cannot stress enough how I depended upon their wise advice, for a very successful outcome.

There is a special place in heaven for Carol. I am so impressed with how she deals with that massive amount of documentation–all of it very important! She is knowledgeable and can answer any question about it, and she never gets stressed! Many of my questions were directed at her, and she always provided me answers, calmed my concerns, and kept things on track. Her tactful dealings with my difficult HOA warrants a special thank-you. And I have no doubt she performs miracles of tact like that every day.

My experience is proof that every Hoffman Murphy staff member actually cares about providing great service to their clients. This was my third transaction with you (selling, buying, selling) because you take care of your client every step of the way. When I mention Hoffman Murphy to friends and contacts, I’m surprised by the number of people who already know you, and most often the comment is “They’re the best.”

Please accept my heartfelt thank you for a job perfectly done! I wish you all the best. You deserve all the success you’ve worked hard for!

Many thanks and best regards,Valerie Brown